5 Benefits of Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters are very “New England.” Why are they so popular in this part of the country? Here are 5 benefits of wood plantation shutters that make them so appealing…

1 – Durability

Wood planation shutters are very durable and stand the test of time. Their sturdy construction and quality craftsmanship make them less prone to issues, compared to more traditional blinds and shades. As a result, you will need to replace them less frequently, making them a solid investment for your home.

2 – Aesthetics

Plantation shutters are seen as a high-end window treatment. They can easily work in both formal and informal spaces. Although white is a very popular option, they actually come in many different colors and finishes. They can be the perfect touch to your interior design plans!

3 – Resale Value

Return on investment is important when upgrading anything in your home. Plantation shutters have been known to increase the appeal and value of your home. This also has a lot to do with the durability and aesthetics mentioned above!

4 – Ease of Operation

We’ve all experienced the frustration of pulling the wrong string or getting a cramp from twisting the rod to tilt blinds. You won’t experience that with plantation shutters. They are one of the most easy to operate window treatments.

5 – Easy to Clean

With large, solid slats, wood plantation blinds are easy to clean. You can quickly dust them off with a feather duster, use a cloth to wipe them down, or lightly brush over them with a vacuum cleaner. They are easy to maintain!

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