Tips on Selecting Window Blinds for Bathrooms

Bathroom Window Treatment Tips

Bathrooms are such a unique space compared to other rooms in a house. Not only are they smaller than most rooms, the climate and conditions differ as well. A special room requires special considerations. Here are some tips on selecting blinds for bathrooms.

Humidity Resistant Materials

Bathrooms are often a very humid space, especially if you like to take hot showers. Certain materials don’t fare well in those conditions. For instance, natural woods can absorb moisture and eventually rot or distort. Some fabrics, such as silk or linen, can break down or change texture when exposed to moisture. For these reasons, it’s best to go with moisture resistant materials in bathrooms. If you like the look fo wood, consider faux wood options. There are many composite materials that also stand up well to humidity.

Selecting the Right Color

Color is extremely important in small spaces, so choose careful when it comes to window blinds for bathrooms. Think about whether your blinds should blend in naturally with the surroundings or stand out. What other colors are in your bathroom. Compare that to the colors available for the type of blinds that you prefer. Fortunately, many blinds come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Visit our Burlington, MA showroom to take a peek at some options.

Function of Window Coverings

It’s helpful to consider how you want your window coverings to function. Will they remain closed or do you plan on adjusting them daily? Will the blinds stand alone or be accompanied by curtains? By considering how you plan to use your window coverings, you can select an option that will best work in that space. There no single right solution for window blinds in bathrooms. In all depends on the specific space and your personal preferences and needs.

Selecting Window Blinds for Bathrooms

If you’re really not quite sure what to do for window blinds in bathrooms, drop by our Burlington MA showroom for some inspiration. We also have interior designers on hand to help. With the right information and tips, you can select an option that adds functionality and beauty to your space.

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