4 Types of Window Shades to Choose From

Window shades come in many varieties these days. There are 4 major types of shades to choose from. From there, you will also have a variety of fabric and color sections! So, where should you start? First, decide on the type of shade based on their features. Here’s a brief overview of shades available from Hunter Douglas.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are fabric shades with folds. They are a very traditional type of window shade, although current options give them a modern twist. Roman shades can roll up or down,…giving you flexibility for sunlight and privacy. Since they are made of fabric, the options are quite extensive. They can be a great way to compliment your interior decor.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades get their name from their shape. Two layers of material are connected, creating an air pocket in between in the shape fo a honeycomb. They are also available in 4-layer designs. The air gap offers helpful insulation during hot or cold weather. Depending on the material selected, they can also either filter or completely block out sunlight. Room darkening shades are popular for family rooms and living rooms, bright sunlight during the day casts shadows on TV’s.


A modern and popular type of window treatment are sheers. Sheer layers of fabric surround internal slats. This design provides multiple levels of adjustment. Horizontal slats allow maximum and sunlight. Angled slats can increase privacy while only partially filtering the sun. Slats can also come in different patterns and colors, for a geometric effect. These are an elegant solution for almost any room in the home.

Roller Shades

You probably remember the old school roller shades that you had to pull just right to get them rolled up. Well, things have come a long way since that original design. Modern roller shades are much more reliable and look less industrial. They come in fabrics and other materials, such as wood. These are popular for both indoor and outdoor use, such as on farmer’s porches or patios.

Summary of Types of Window Shades to Choose From

Now that you know a little bit more about the 4 major types of window shades, you can decide which best fits your needs. Stop by the Lynne Greene Interiors showroom to see, touch, and feel these different options in person. Our window treatment experts are also available to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits offered by each.

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