Benefits of UV Protection for Windows

As the temperature heats up, we all think about sun protection for our bodies. We often forget that sun damage can impact other aspects of our lives, such as our homes. Although we welcome sunlight through our windows, we don’t necessarily want the damaging UVA and UVB rays that come with it. Fortunately, there is UV protection available for widows.

Benefits of UV Protection for Windows

Why should you care about UV protection for your home? The sun can cause various levels of damage to your property, including causing your flooring, furniture, and artwork to fade. Additionally, while you and your family are indoors, you are probably not applying sunblock every 2 hours. Although your exposure to sun indoors is less than outdoors, it still presents a health hazard. UV protection for windows can help preserve the items in your home and keep you and your family healthier!

Types of UV Protection for Windows

There are three options for UV protection for windows. The first is low-E windows. These windows look like any other but actively reflect infrared and UV light. The second is a UV film. This film is mostly transparent and therefore still allows in sunlight. Lastly, you can opt for window treatments with UV protection.

Since installing new low-E windows throughout your home may not be feasible unless you are already planning to do so. UV film is appealing because you can still enjoy sunlight while being protected. UV blocking window shades are a great option since you can also enjoy the privacy and other benefits that window treatments offer.

UV Protection from Hunter Douglas

Most Hunter Douglas window shades offer some level of UV protection for windows. The amount of protection depends on the specific product and whether they are lowered. IN fact, some offer up to 99% protection when lowered with slats in the vertical position. Learn more by visiting the Lynne Greene Interiors showroom at  15 Cambridge St., Burlington, MA. We carry a full range of Hunter Douglas products and can help you select one that offers UV protection while fitting you interior decor goals.

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