5 Ways to Clean Window Blinds

Spring is coming! Well, not quite,… but we’re looking forward to warming days and thinking ahead. As you look forward to Spring cleaning, don’t forget your window treatments. Here are a few ways to clean window blinds using existing supplies in your home.

1 – Old Socks, New Purpose

You don’t need fancy supplies to clean your blinds. An old (but clean) sock can even do the trick. Put a sock over your fingertips and wipe the individual slats of your blinds. This can be surprisingly effective as you cover both the bottom and top of slats simultaneously. Of course, a microfiber cloth or duster is even better, if you have those on-hand.

2 – Flip & Wipe

Another technique is the flip and wipe. Twist the slats on your blinds so they’re completely vertical and flat. You can then wipe down the entire surface of your blinds from floor to ceiling. Once done, flip the blinds in the other direction and repeat, cleaning the opposite surface of your blinds. Using this technique regularly can prevent dust and dirt buildup in the first place.

3 – A Gentle Vacuum

If it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned your blinds, the dust buildup may be too heavy for the two techniques above. For more powerful dust removal, attach a soft brush to your vacuum cleaner and gently vacuum along the slats. If different suction settings are available, set it on low to avoid damaging your blinds.

4 – Spot Clean Stains

For stains, use a damp cloth to spot clean. Avoid harsh chemicals, if possible. A little soap and water normally does the trick. For fabric blinds, be sure to spot test in a discreet location to confirm no fading occurs. Clean the one spot and let dry.

The Best Ways to Clean Window Blinds… Hire a Professional

If you have expensive window blinds or damage and/or staining that need special care, rely on professionals. Contact us for a quote. Our team will help preserve the beauty and value of your window treatments. If they are beyond repair, we can also assist with upgrading your window treatments to modern solutions that will stand the test of time.

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