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3 Interior Design Accessorizing Steps to Remember especially in small space

Accessorizing is usually one of the most fun and least stressful elements to decorating, but when it comes to small spaces or unusual areas can be difficult.  Keep these three tricks in mind next time you are set to decorate a small space.

1. Accessorize from different heights – To accessorize from different heights, try adding artwork or mirrors above furniture to draw the eye up. Using lamps and different size bowls is another idea to create more visual interest with height.

2. Less is more – Interior design can be tricky, but when it comes to small spaces remember that less really is more. Instead of piling the room full of small knick-knacks and accessories, find a few pieces that will make a statement, without looking cluttered. Candles, wall art and plants (real or fake) are all great accessories that look more purposeful than simply decorative. When in doubt, add a mirror to your small room. Mirrors create visual interest and make the room look and feel much larger than it is.

3. Group in odds – Grouping in odds is important no matter what size room; however it is even more important in small rooms. Remember the Golden Mean- two thirds is visually more pleasing than one half. So if you have a wall 60″ wide look for a  piece of furniture or artwork 40″ wide vs 30″ wide. You can use multiple pieces or artwork or a plant to get to your two third golden mean.

Your small and once dreadful room to decorate and accessorize may quite possibly become your favorite space in the house. Small rooms are a great place to be creative and have fun with accessories. Accessorizing shouldn’t be a dread – instead it should be something you look forward to doing. And the best part of all – small rooms don’t require a lot of pieces so you can redecorate as often as you want without feeling guilty and wasteful. A few new candles, a new lighting fixture or new rug can make a big impact, and change the whole look and feel of the room.

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