Interior Design Accents

Every room needs an accent color, and there are many ways to achieve that. You can go bold or subtle, soft hues or dramatic,… whatever suits your style. Here are three different approaches to interior design accents.

1 – Accent Walls

The first approach is to add an accent wall. This usually works best when you select a wall that is already a focal point when entering a room. You need not select a dark color, just a different color than the neutral tones in the rest of the room. The wall can stand alone as an accent or be tied to similar or complimentary colors in other furnishings, such as rugs and pillows.

2 – A Pop of Color With Accessories

If an entire wall is too dramatic for your style, you can also take a more subtle approach. Us a singular color scheme for most of the room and add colorful accent pieces for your furniture or decor. It can be something as small as simple as colored couch pillows, a colorful lamp, or even a painting on the wall. Use as few or as many pieces as you’d like within the decor of the room. By placing these items against a neutral base, it will instantly stand out.

3 – Use Patterned Window Treatments

Another great way to add accent is through the use of window treatments. People don’t often think about this option because we’re accustomed to plain white window treatments. Nowadays, there are a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. For instance, in the image above, you’ll see a mostly white bathroom with a blue textured window treatment. This instantly stands out as an accent.

More Interior Design Accents

These are just 3 ways to add interior design accents to your home. Contact our team for assistance with your interior design. As a one-stop shop, our experts can assist with anything from furniture to wallpaper, decor and window treatments. Located in Burlington, MA, we service Eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

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