Make the most of your sideboard beyond storage

Sideboards come in many styles and sizes, from classic mid-century to chunky, rustic to sleek modern. These useful storage pieces regardless of style can also make nice display areas as well. Here are some helpful tips to display your style on your sideboard

  1. Create Symmetry (But not too much)- Some sideboards will have a bookended identical lamsp or decorative vases, but there are other ways to balance the sideboard. One lamp and 2 vases matching height will create balance without matching. The magic number in design that creates balance is 3. When arranging your display use yoru eye to decide whethere there is equal weight on either side, if your colors have partners and if there is enough variety of height and shape.
  2. Make it Practical- If you sideboard is in your dining room, then use for holding plates and glasses to display. Make your sideboard part of your families daily use. Combine the function with beauty by creating a gallery wall above. Be cautious all the elements do not look too busy.
  3. Have a theme– A sideboard can serve as a helpful focal point that quickly establishes your room’s theme.
  4. Let an Artwork Shine– Sideboards are perfect for holding pretty objects, good-looking books, stylish lamps and plants. But you can also use them as a mini stage by leaving them almost bare and display a magnificent piece of artwork above it.
  5. Use Mirrors- If your sideboard is positioned to face a view of greenery or is perpendicular to windows or doors facing a garden, the mirrored effect can be especially lovely as the reflected foliage becomes part of your interiors.
  6. Treat Yourself to Flowers- The sideboard is the perfect place for a fresh vase of flowers. Make your blooms a key part of your display to vary your sideboard display weekly. Different styles of flowers will create different moods, from strong and sculptural to soft and country.

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