How to Pick the Best Size for Your Area Rug

Jaunty Area Rugs

Dining Room

Most likely in a dining room, the rug would go centered underneath the table. The dining chairs should sit completely on the rug, there should also be enough room to pull the chairs out and still remain on the rug. Therefore, this would mean that your rug is 30″ larger than your dining table on all four sides.


In order to create a warm and cozy space, a perfectly sized rug is key and can soften the acoustics, helping to create a quiet space. Selecting the right size rug depends on the size of the room and your bed.

King- 9’x12?- 2? around the bed

Queen- 8’x10?- 3? around the bed

Full- 6’x 9? or 2-3’x5? for full size bed

Twin- 8’x10?,6’x9? or 2-3’x5? for a twin.

2 Twins- 3’x5? rug between the two beds works


Many times you don’t think of a rug in the kitchen, but the space in front of your sink is a great spot for a comfy and practical rug. Many times, it might make sense to put a coordinating rug on a wall with cabinetry adjacent to the sink.

Outdoor Spaces

When choosing an outdoor rug for your patio, deck, or porch, consider the size of the space and the layout of your outdoor furniture. Think of leaving a 12-to-24-inch space around your rug.

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