Window Treatment Designs Tips

Window Treatment Design Tips

Spring is finally here and, for many of us, that means freshening up the house. As we open our windows for the first time to air out, we might decide that a new look is in order. Are these curtains too heavy? Is there a way to bring in more light without sacrificing privacy? Could these blinds be updated? If you are struggling to find ideas, here a few window treatment design tips to help focus your efforts.

Less is More

Sometimes this adage rings true – especially when it comes to window treatments. Here’s where another design term comes into play: form is function. A window’s intended purpose is to allow light to come in and for you to see out. Why would you want to limit both of these functions? Obviously, different rooms have different needs (i.e. a bathroom or bedroom vs. living room or kitchen), but you can still minimize without sacrificing privacy. Could you replace those curtains with a simple valance? Would a sheerer shade still serve its function? Take a look around to see if some of your treatments are just overly decorative and can be toned down.

Let there be Light!

Following the less is more concept…how can you minimize to maximize incoming light? If the goal is to bring in as much natural light as possible, what obstacles are standing in the way? Maybe you only need a set of simple blinds on that bathroom window. Or perhaps you can trade out the drapes in your living room for sheers. The presence of natural light not only brightens your mood, but also creates the illusion of more open space.

Don’t be Afraid to Embellish

It’s okay to add a little color or texture. Depending on the size of the room, adding a little color can make a small room seem larger and brighter, or an oversized room more inviting. In the same vein, using texture can create its own type of visual appeal. Make a room pop with a Roman shade made from natural fibers like bamboo or rattan. Both of these approaches are eye-catching without compromising that sleeker feel.

Summary of Window Treatment Design Tips

There are plenty of ways to get creative with that refresh. Follow these simple window treatment design tips for a lighter, brighter, and more streamlined look. Let us know what you come up with!

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