Tips on Pairing Blinds with Curtains

Blinds and curtains offer different benefits and features, so you need not stick with just one. You can pair them both for a coordinated look and to get the best of both worlds. Here are some tips on pairing blinds with curtains.

Choose the Blinds First

Which should come first, the blinds or the curtains? It’s often easier if you start with the blinds,… at least partially. Think about your window treatment goals. What are you looking to do,… add privacy, filter light, improve insulation, etc? You can actually choose between blinds and shades and a variety of different materials. Get at least a general idea of what type of blinds you’d like to have in the space.

Compare Texture, Colors, and Patterns

Once you have a general idea of the type of blinds, you can then starting looking at options when paired with curtains. Think about the texture, color, and patterns of each. When pairing blinds and curtains, the two should never be identical. That often makes it overwhelming. They should, instead, compliment one another. For instance, if you have a curtain with flowers, you’re best to go with a neutral or muted set of blinds. Don’t forget to also pair your window coverings with your hardware (curtain rods). They all should work together to form a cohesive look.

Use Window Treatments to Your Advantage

As you are pairing blinds with curtains, remember to use window treatment tricks to your advantage. Placement of window treatments can alter the way a room feels. You can make the windows and room feel larger than it actually is, create a perception of depth, or add a cozy element to an otherwise open and cold space.

More Tips on Pairing Blinds with Curtains

If you’d like more tips and guidance on pairing blinds with curtains, stop by Lynne Greene Interiors in Burlington, MA. We have a showroom with a wide range of options and expert interior designers ready to assist you. Let us help you pair the perfect blinds and curtains to make your home more beautiful and comfortable!

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