5 Problems Solved by Custom Window Treatments

Have you been frustrated with the limited selection of generic window treatments at your local hardware store? Do the shapes, sizes, and colors not fit your specific home or needs? Fortunately, custom window treatments are easier than ever to order! Here are 5 specific problems solved by custom window treatments.

1 – Odd-shaped Windows

Odd-shaped windows can be a great feature of a home. It can make it interesting and unique, or allow for windows to be placed in unusual locations. Although you may be delighted to have such unique windows, decorating them may be a bit challenging. Standard blinds, shades, and curtains simply won’t work when you have odd-shaped windows. Custom window treatments are the solution! They can be designed to fit any shaped window.

2 – Oversized Windows

Oversized windows are great for maximum views and sunlight. However, there may be times when you seek a little privacy or light filtering. Custom window treatments can be made to fit any sized windows, including full floor to ceiling windows. Contact Lynne Greene Interiors to discuss options and features.

3 – Light Infused Windows

There is such a thing as too much light. Direct sunlight can make it difficult to view televisions or computer screens. It can also damage furnishings, such as valuable artwork. You may not want to necessarily block out sunlight entirely, but the right amount of light filtering can protect your belongings and improve the functionality of certain rooms. If you have windows that are simply too bright, custom window treatments can be tailored to solve your precise problem.

4 – Dark Windows

Alternatively, you may have windows that don’t let in enough sunlight. Adding typical window treatments may block what little valuable sunlight exists. We can solve that problem too! You don’t have to sacrifice sunlight for privacy.

5 – Windows in Special Use Rooms

If your home has a special use room, such as a game room, gym, or theater, your window needs may be unique. For instance, room darkening shades may be perfect for a home theater. Game rooms may require certain types of shades or blinds to protect equipment or for enjoyment of equipment and media. Whatever the case may be, custom window treatments provide the perfect fit.

Shop Custom Window Treatments

Don’t waste time trying to find standard window treatments that can adapt to your unique needs. Stop in to learn how we can custom design window treatments for your needs. Whether you have small windows, large windows, odd-shaped windows, too much sun, too little sun, special use rooms, or anything beyond,… we can help! Visit Lynne Greene Interiors in Burlington, MA for personalized service!

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