Ways to Personalize Home Decor

Home decorating is an opportunity to be creative and to make your home unique. In addition to selecting furnishings that reflect your unique style, you can also personalize items. This can be a fun way to celebrate your family and to make your decor truly special. Here are a few ways to personalize home decor.

Celebrate Your Family Name

You can get your name etched or engraved in almost anything these days. Personalized name plaques can be placed at entryways to welcome visitors. Websites such as Etsy.com offer handmade personalized products for your home.

Get Creative with Wallpaper

If generic wallpaper doesn’t quite pique your interest, you can create your own patterns with custom wallpaper. Select a unique geometric pattern, words, or even a photo! Imagine the possibilities!

Photo Credit: Fresh Home

Customize Your Window Views

Speaking of patterns, you need not stop at your walls. Patterns can be applied to your window treatments too! Obviously, don’t use this in conjunction with custom wall paper. That might be a bit too busy. Read our blog post on when to use patterned or textured window treatments.

Celebrate Your Loved Ones

What’s more unique than your actual family? Celebrate your loved ones by displaying family photos throughout your home. How you display your photos is just as important as selecting which ones to display. You can arrange photos artistically, create a focal point, or fill an entire space. Vary the image sizes and frame styles to make your display more unique and interesting. Click here for some inspiration from Pinterest.

More Ways to Personalize Home Decor

Meet with our home decor specialists for more ways to personalize home decor. We love sharing our ideas! From custom wallpaper to custom furniture, we do it all! Stop by our showroom or call to schedule an appointment.

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