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When To Use Patterned Or Textured Window Treatments

Windows offer ventilation, light and an opportunity for design. There are numerous options to choose from, so knowing when to use patterned or textured window treatments can help keep things elegant, yet colorful. Different materials, shades of colors and styles can completely change the feel of a room. Here are a few scenarios where using patterned or textured window treatments may be a good idea.

1. The Windows Are the Focal Point of the Room

Some apartments and houses have a beautiful assortment of windows that dominate the wall space. Other homes have one large window or a well-placed set of windows that the furniture surrounds. If any of these sound like your home, you may want to consider patterned or textured treatments. Window treatments can replace art or pictures that would otherwise cover the walls. They will draw your attention and create a more unique but comfortable atmosphere.

2. The Furniture and Other Décor Is Simple

When you purchased the furniture for your home, was it a solid and otherwise neutral color? Homes with simplistic furniture can benefit from window treatments. You can either match the colors of the furniture or provide some accents to the room. The décor can also come into play here. Creating a theme by coordinating your furniture, décor and window treatments can make an otherwise ordinary room spectacular.

3. You Have Wide Open Space and Need to Add Warmth

Large spaces can be the hardest areas to decorate. Often times there are tall windows, vaulted ceilings and too much wall space to cover. Using window treatments can help fill the void. By introducing warm colors and patterns, that open space will have character and substance. You can turn an open and cold space into a warm, cozy, and welcoming one.

4. You’re Not Planning on Adding Curtains

While curtains can help insulate a room and offer other benefits, window shape, preference or cost might keep you from purchasing them. Adding patterned or textured window treatments, without curtains, can provide a similar level of insulation while also adding a key design element. Keeping a window minimally covered can allow more light to pass through, requires almost no maintenance and can be changed out or added to easily.

Summary of When to Use Pattered or Textured Window Treatments

Without a theme or design in mind, patterned or textured window treatments can seem a bit too loud for a room. Once the furniture, décor and window treatments flow together, your home will have an identity. If you need some help putting everything together, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom or give us a call. Our design professionals can help you achieve your home decor goals with the right patterned or textured window treatments.

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