The Benefits of Intelligent Blinds And Shades

New technology is taking over the home accessory industry. Intelligent blinds and shades are hot on the market and for good reason. The material, color and design selection is on par with non-motorized blinds and shades, and the prices are coming down as they become more common in homes. We have put together some of the benefits of intelligent blinds and shades, to help show you why so many home owners are ranting and raving about them.

Improving Your Sleep Cycle

Rest is an important element of keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. Setting times that your window blinds and shades open will ensure natural light isn’t waking you up before your sleep cycle is complete. Closing the blinds at night will also help you ignore any car lights or visual street disturbances like advertisements, medical or police siren lights and street lights. A programmed activation schedule will save you the trouble of opening all the window blinds and shades the next day, or doing your nightly rounds to ensure you, your kids or your guests sleep soundly.

Privacy From Neighbors 

When the sun sets, we all usually gather around a dinner table, snuggle up on a couch for a good movie or do our nightly routine to get ready for the next day. With lights on in the house, those outside can see right in. Normally, your privacy isn’t the first thing on your mind when you get home, so you may forget to close the blinds. If you live in a first floor apartment, a single floor home in an urban environment or have neighbors who can see in from other buildings, you may want to invest in intelligent blinds and shades. The automation process will cover the vulnerable visual access points of your home and you can rest easy knowing no one is peering in.

Help For The Elderly Or Disabled

Some window blinds and shades are heavy, out of reach, and need special maintenance. Purchasing intelligent window blinds and shades gives you one less thing to worry about, especially if you are elderly or disabled, or are a caregiver for someone who is. This benefit may not be necessary in everyone’s life, but for those with special needs or tending to others with specific needs, it can make a world of a difference.

One Final Benefit Of Intelligent Blinds And Shades, Safety

Some shoppers don’t realize that those hanging ropes and beads can cause serious harm to children and animals. If they swallow the beads, they are at risk of choking. If they wrap the pull chord around their neck or wrists, this can cause serious circulation issues or asphyxiation. Intelligent blinds and shades are self-contained and work with a quiet motor. You won’t have to constantly tie the rope up high or keep an extra eye on your children and pets around the windows. These benefits of intelligent blinds and shades may persuade you to purchase a set yourself, but come talk to one of our professionals to make sure this is the right option for you. Our Burlington, MA showroom is open daily with helpful staff ready to discuss your window blind needs.


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