What To Do With Clutter

Whether you have lived in a home for a few decades, just moved into a smaller space or are left behind with everything your kids accumulated in their lifetimes, you are bound to accumulate clutter . Most homes have storage space, but the key is determining how to use it efficiently. Here are a few helpful tips on what to do with clutter in your home.

Figure Out What’s Important And What’s Not

Not all clutter is trash. You may be surprised how many things have sentimental value to you. Organizing your clutter before you simply get rid of everything will help you identify what you wish to keep. There may be an old pair of ice skates that still fit, a baseball glove from your childhood you can’t bare to throw away or a memento given to you by a late relative. Once you have organized the clutter into “keep” and “do not keep” piles, you are ready for the next step.

Sell Unwanted Items 

Going through all that stuff probably has you thinking that what to do with clutter in your home is to simply sell off excess items. Old furniture, pristine clothing, old gaming platforms and electronics all hold value. Why not convert some of that value to cash by selling online or holding a yard sale?

Start off by doing some research. We have all seen those stories on shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars, where the guest had purchased something for $50 that turns out to be worth $5,000. If you are unsure the origin of something you are throwing away or have a gut feeling it may be worth a pretty penny, give it a quick search online. You never know what you may find and what you may be able to sell.

Clean Out Storage Spaces and Get Organized

Now that you have removed most of the clutter, you should have more space to work with. Clean that space to ensure there are no pests, mold or other foreign substances you do not want in your home. Make the spaces functional by adding easy access or installing storage accessories such as peg boards, bins, shelving or even a bar to hang clothing. Getting organized can also help you stay more organized moving forward.

Beyond What to Do With Clutter in Your Home

This project may inspire you to do even more with your home. If you’re looking for an interior design makeover, we’re here to help. Let us know your goals, whether it be storage, functionality, or merely a different look or feel. Our Massachusetts interior decorators can help you achieve those goals within your designated budget.

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