Fall Mantel Decor Ideas


  1. Consider Neutral Colorways- Burnt orange and reds are the common colors associated with fall, but a neutral color scheme can have a bold effect. Neutral colors are common representation of fall. The colors of dried leaves and wood are all around.
  2. Opt For Minimalism- a bit of shedding and simplicity will go a long way to creating the perfect fall vibe.
  3. Avoid Fall Cliches- Instead of stacks of dried grass, maybe a few platters of natural woven material will appear to be more dramatic and sculptural
  4. Look for unexpected ways to use warm tones- Try incorporating some metals like bronze or copper, maybe using them in candle sticks of sculptural elements or as statement pieces
  5. Forage For Simplicity-It might be as simple as one really fantastic architectural branch laid across the mantle that captures the feeling of the change of seasons.
  6. Don’t Overlook Scent-it’s key to add some scent into your arrangement for maximum effect and it’s an easy way to decorate for fall.
  7. Go Easy on Pumpkins and Gourds- Try a collection of pumpkins or gourds with nothing else spread evenly across your mantle, the geometry will create a contemporary feel.
  8. Choose Unexpected Natural Elements- Add an assortment of objects from a variety of natural elements such as shells, rocks, crystals, and even branches mixed with decorative items such as boxes, small sculptures, or metal objects.
  9. Use What You Have-Candle holders and vases are great decorative additions that you may already have on hand
  10. Go For Florals-Flowers are beautiful any season of the year but I always especially love dried flowers and leaves or red/orange flowers during the fall months

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