5 Major Holiday Trends of 2021

Thoughtful Gift-Giving- Supply chain issues and tight budgets mean making the most of your spending by buying with a focus on meaningful, useful giving.

Dramatic Décor- 2020 holidays were low key to none existent. As a result, people are going bigger, bolder, and more dramatic with holiday trends: show-stopping tablescapes, nontraditional color palettes, maximalist holiday décor, checkered prints, and dried flower arrangements.

Embracing the Outdoors- Simplify your holiday aesthetic with a versatile collection of seasonal accessories based on natural elements. Chunky throws, woven baskets, wool and felt décor, and accents like black (yes, black!) and brass. Activate all the senses and include smell with fresh greens and pine cones.

Getting Together- After so many families missed the opportunity to celebrate together in 2020, it’s never been more obvious that the gifts, décor, and aesthetics of the holidays are just extras. Hold an open house, dressy cocktail party or cookie decorating and invite your friends and family.

A Rise In Holiday Travel- As vaccination rates continue to grow worldwide some people are using this as a chance to have family reunions together for the holidays. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected the mental health and well being of us all, and the act of planning vacation has been proven to boost mental health.

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