8 tips For Holiday Shopping 2021

1. Shop early -It’s especially imperative this year that you understand the importance of purchasing sooner than later, if you actually want your gifts to arrive on time.

2. Consider Gift Cards or Vouchers– A restaurant may offer a Bonus Card for $10 if you buy a $50 gift card. The Bonus Card will usually have a specific redemption window, but they are a nice extra if you are already buying gift cards to give as gifts.

3. Take advantage of holiday price matching- Multiple stores will price match during the holidays and the new Holiday Price Match Guarantee at Target is especially competitive.

4. Sign up for discounts- Many retailers will offer a discounts up to 35% off when you sign up for e-mail newsletters, mobile apps and reward programs. You may want to get a free e-mail address just for these deals if you don’t want them flooding your inbox. Sites like Retailmenot.com offer coupon codes for many retailers.

5. Score free shipping- One of the best ways to save when ordering online is to make sure you do not pay for shipping. Many websites offer free shipping if you spend a minimum amount

6. Use online price comparison sites- Price comparison sites like Honey and Google Shopping allow you to see the price of an item at various stores so you can find the best price at any given time.

7. Use your rewards card- If you are paying with a credit card, use the card that offers you rewards that you can later redeem for travel, gift cards and more.

8. Be flexible-The less flexible you are regarding specific brands and popular products, the more you may have to pay, if you can find the items at all.


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