12 Best First Impression Ideas For Your Home

  1. Hang Interesting Pendant Lights
  2. Adopt an Open Floor Plan Idea
  3. Eye-Catching Shine (Bling)
  4. Decorate with Large Plants
  5. Dress-up Walls- Using Accent walls, wallpaper, etc
  6. Go-Green- Decorate using environmentally-friendly décor
  7. Art-Displays- Using expressive art work to show off your style or color palette
  8. Choose Colors that Inspire
  9. Pretty Seating Near your Entrance
  10. A Beautiful Display Console Across from Entrance
  11. Incorporate Unique Designs- Different shaped coffee table or interesting shaped book shelf
  12. Hardwood flooring

Remember an accent must be on the wall opposite the entrance or its an accident, rather than an accent!!! Enjoy!!!

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