Happy National Dog Day! 12 Tips for Pet-Friendly Decorating

Most of customers #1 concern when buying anything from Lynne Greene Interiors is…..will my cat/dog/bunny/bird ruin this???? Here are a few things to remember when decorating:
  1. Don’t buy expensive rugs.

  2. Skip wall-to-wall carpet.

  3. Choose hard surface floors.

  4. Don’t decorate with breakable knickknacks.

  5. Match carpet and upholstery to fur color.

  6. Set up an animal area near an entry.

  7. Give your pet tidy, attractive treats and toys.

  8. Use semigloss wall paint.

  9. Use Stain Resistant Fabric

  10. Put Washable Material on your bed

  11. Vacuum regularly

  12. Bathe and groom your pet often

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