Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping

Below are some great tips on holiday shopping that can get you through this season of giving.

1. Shop early -10 days left, so this might be too late!!

2. Consider Gift Cards or Vouchers– A restaurant may offer a Bonus Card for $10 if you buy a $50 gift card. The Bonus Card may have specific rules, so be sure and look at the fine print but they are a nice extra to give as gifts.

3. Don’t forget to use holiday price matching- Many stores offer price match during the holidays. Check online to see which stores offer.

4. Sign up for discounts- Many retailers will offer a discounts up to 35% off when you sign up for e-mail newsletters, mobile apps and reward programs. You may want to get a free e-mail address just for these deals if you don’t want them flooding your inbox. Sites like offer coupon codes for many retailers.

5. Score free shipping- Many websites offer free shipping with a coupon code or free pick up at the store. Those extra shipping fees can add up.

6. Use online price comparison sites- Honey and Google Shopping are a few websites allow you to see the price of an item at various stores so you can find the best price at any given time.

7. Use your rewards card- Credit cards that offer reward points for travel, hotels and gift cards is a great way to get more for your purchases. Just be sure to pay it off at the end of the month.

8. Be flexible- Specific brands and popular products do not have discounts, so if you are able to be flexible on the brand that helps. Also, availability could be a problem.

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