Fall in Love with Your House Again

Home Staging Services

  1. Bring in flowers (or plants)-Flowers make any room feel better and brighter. Plants help the air quality.
  2. Hang new art- Nothing brightens and personalizes a space quite like art. Even one or two pieces that you really love will go a long way toward making your home less dreary.
  3. Do a deep clean – Put some music on and clean clean. Then sit back and enjoy.
  4. Clean the windows – sometimes this isn’t included in regular cleaning routine, but it makes a big different in your space.
  5. Change your window treatments – Window treatments can make a big statement in your space. Call Lynne Greene Interiors or visit the store to see what is new and fits your space.
  6. Cut the clutter – taking a few hours to throw things away, donate or creating a junk basket will make such an impact on your space.
  7. Remove one thing- Take away one bulky piece or furniture and you will be shocked what a difference it will make.
  8. Find a signature scent –Find a scent you really love, whether it’s a candle or incense or air freshener and make it your space’s signature scent—one you love and will immediately associate with home.
  9. Share it with friends -make a few memories in your home—invite friends over for a game night, or for a casual dinner party, and fill your space with love and warmth.

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