Leap into March with New Ideas for Your Home

A leap year happens every 4 years and on average people update their home decor every 3-5 years. Bigger ticket items like furniture and window treatments would be longer maybe every 10-15 years depending on the quality. Great ways to update your home easily and most cost effective would be

  • A new paint job for a few rooms
  • New accent furniture like end tables or kitchen stools
  • Adding in some new light fixtures
  • Adding in some modern artwork or art that speaks to you
  • Plants are another way to update and refresh any space
  • New throw pillows can make an old sofa transform
  • Area rugs are a great way to update and add color to any space

We hope you enjoyed your Leap Day this year. Come visit the staff at Lynne Greene Interiors before starting your next home project!

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