Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

storage solutions for small spaces

Are you looking for ways to add or free up space in your home? Feeling confined by limited square footage and/or searching for ideas to minimize clutter? Just because you are hampered by spatial constraints doesn’t mean you can’t live larger in your existing space. You just need to get creative with your approach! Check out these storage solutions for small spaces to help open things up.

Take the stairs…

We often overlook many empty spaces that could be used for storage. The staircase is a perfect example. Open up the wall beneath the staircase to add cabinets, bookcases, or shelves. It’s a great way to utilize all of that wasted space and add much needed storage.

Waste not…

Want more! Another way to capitalize on wasted space is to transform empty walls into built-in shelving units – just make sure to be selective about the items placed so as not to overcrowd or clutter. Closets are yet another storage solution that many take for granted or misuse. We often fill our closets with unused items that we should just toss out. Take an inventory of what’s in your closets and discard any unnecessary ‘junk’. This will free up space to store things that you are actually using but need not be out in the open.

Rethink Your Furniture

Is it just a coffee table? Or can it be so much more? Try using a trunk in its place so that you have a place to store items or buy a multifunctioning unit that has built-in storage.

Are there empty spaces beneath your windows or in an unused corner? Why not add a window seat or banquette? Not only will you add a cozy place to sit, but you’ll have below-deck storage space as well.

Don’t forget the bedroom! Adding a headboard with shelving makes for extra space and helps to declutter the room.

Basket case?

They’re not just for trash anymore! Pick up some fun baskets to use throughout your home. It’s a great design trick to hide clutter – especially in tight spaces like the bathroom!

More Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

There are plenty of storage solutions for small spaces that can help free up space and reduce the appearance of clutter – you just have to be creative! If you’re not sure what options may work best for your space, schedule an appointment with our interior designers. We not only help you design your living space, but we can also create custom furniture pieces to meet your unique needs.

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