Helpful Winter Home Design Considerations

There are many ways to build a cozy home, with each color, material and theme carefully selected. It takes a lot of time to determine the characteristics of what makes the perfect interior to fit your lifestyle. What many of us may overlook when browsing different options is the climate we live in. Below you will find a few of our winter home design considerations to help keep your heating bill low and your spirits high.

Insulated Curtains

Curtains can add accents to the room while providing your windows with some extra insulation. Many houses and apartments do not have energy efficient windows, which can cause that bitter draft to sneak in or provide a place for your heat to escape from. Insulated curtains offer and excellent solution to this problem, while adding to the aesthetic of your home. The warm air in the house will remain separate from the cool air resonating from the windows.

Carpets On Your Floor

Those wonderful, plush, padded and puffy materials we put under our feet are also great for keeping the heat from escaping through the floor. Some floors have proper underlayment but are made of materials that get cold easily, such as vinyl or tile flooring. Other materials, such as hardwood, are especially prone to this issue, so choosing the right carpet to provide color and comfort has added benefits. Ass an area rug to help you stay warm this winter. Your feet will thank you on those cold winter mornings, as will your wallet when that heating bill arrives.

Selective Heating

Some rooms will provide you, your family or your company a place to gather, while other rooms will be left empty. Determining which rooms are most used during colder months is a great way to reduce energy costs. If the living room or basement are most common, try to only heat those areas. As technology advances, smart thermostats and other options are becoming more prevalent and accessible. Devices like these, along with our design tips, can keep those bone chilling winter days a thing of the past.

Winter Home Design Considerations Summary

Before you know it, there will be frost on your windows and the first snow of the year will coat the ground. Keeping the windows covered with insulated curtains can significantly diminish the exchange of cold and hot air between the outside and inside. Laying carpets down will keep those toes warm and protected on post-holiday midnight snack runs. Finally, using the heat only in the rooms that are most used will lower your heating bill and increase time spent with loved ones. Ask our team about other winter home design considerations to help plan for the upcoming season!

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