12 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Designer Banded Shades
  1. Radiant Floor Heating– Bathrooms often feel chilly thanks to tile floors, windows, and less installation than other spaces in your home, so radiant flooring can help warm you up and give you that spa experience.
  2. Oversized Steam Shower and Rain Shower Head– stepping into a steam room is one of the easiest ways to mimic the elevated experience of a full-service spa.
  3. Luxury Bidet- The heated seat, night-light and water temperature controls are family favorites, as is the pre-mist feature that helps keep waste from sticking to the bowl. 
  4. Electric Outlets Inside Cabinets and Drawers- Counter space is always precious, and clearing away the clutter of these corded essentials makes for a more soothing and spa-like space.
  5. High-Quality Tile- In a high-end bathroom the last thing you want to do is cheap out on the tile and regret your choice every time you walk in, so spring for the high quality and high-end tile.
  6. An Indoor-Meets-Outdoor Living Experience– This space could include a hot tub, an outdoor shower or bath, or an area to sit with morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. During the warm months, you can leave the door open to breathe fresh air and hear the soothing sounds of summer outside.
  7. Shower Niche- The niche is a design opportunity that allows you to showcase whatever tile material you’ve chosen with special detail, contrasting element, or change in pattern or scale. 
  8. Next-Level Lighting- As you map out your bathroom’s lighting scheme, include mood and task lighting alongside standard ambient light; consider a wall art light, plant spotlight, or feature light above the tub or in the shower.
  9. Window Treatments That Enhance Natural Light- window treatments that enhance natural light, while controlling glare and harmful UV rays. Opt for motorization to help for easy functionality and effortless convenience for enhancing your view to the outside.
  10. Comfortable Soaking Tub-   A beautiful freestanding bathtub with room for a small table and chair alongside can create a beautiful focal point.
  11. Private Toilet Area– If you can make it work within your square footage, adding a door between the main bathroom area and the toilet can help your space feel upgraded. And if you’re sharing this bathroom with your partner, it also adds much-needed privacy
  12. Ample Storage– The best spas are always impeccably clean and tidy, with uncluttered spaces. Having great storage means there’s a place for everything, eliminating the anxiety caused by clutter.

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