Staging To Sell For The Spring Market

Tips to Stage Your Home to Sell

  1. Clean, declutter and depersonalize. Anything if view is taking up space and closing in the space. If you wouldn’t see it at a posh hotel, then get it out of sight. Get rid of family photos, paperwork, and boxes.
  2. Evaluate the space. Get rid of large bulky furniture or redo layouts. Turn any empty spaces into a small home office or workout area. Go around the house and touch up any nicks or imperfections.
  3. Evaluate the color or style of the space. Nothing freshens up a space than a new coat of paint. Also use rental company or borrow furniture if your style doesn’t appeal to everyone.
  4. Don’t leave any space untouched. Don’t cram everything into a closet or basement. You are selling the whole house and buyers will be peaking into closets, basement and attic spaces, so make sure everything is clean and organized.
  5. Call in a stager if you don’t know where to begin. They can help with where to start, storage ideas and getting rid of the personal touches.

Good luck!!! 

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