Best Color Combos To Go With Green

Modern interior of living room with green corner sofa, coffee tables, floor lamp, wall with copy space 3d rendering

According to color theory green is at the center of the color wheel, so it can be matched with both warm and cool colors. Greens with a blue undertone are cool and have a soothing undertone. Then greens with a yellow undertone are warmer and pair nice with colors to enhance that warmth.

  1. Green and green tones- Sage with emeralds, chartreuse, khakis and mint greens can work harmoniously together to create a multi-faceted monochromatic color scheme to your room.
  2. Green and Red- its is not just a festive holiday scheme, but a fun year round look. Use a soft warm green as your base and tone a fun bright red as your accent (3 times or an accident vs accent). Try wood and metals to help bring the warm look together.
  3. Green and yellow- They are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, so rooms in this palette are harmonious and easy to live with. Be sure to keep them in the same color family for a scheme that flows throughout the room.
  4. Green and Blue- Much like green and yellow, green is a color that goes with blue as a neighbor on the color wheel, making a tonal scheme again a great way to approach this palette.
  5. Green and pink- Being- complementary colors, sitting opposite each other on the wheel. This means that the scheme is high impact.  Get your proportions right for a truly restorative space – a generous amount of green against touches of pink is gorgeous
  6. Green and white- White is the perfect color to go with green. From deep forest greens to vivid limes, white will instantly add contrast and freshness to the scheme
  7. Green and Orange- There are of course more punchy variants of this combination – tangerine hues with chartreuse, emerald with bold terracotta, we would just always recommend adding a touch of into these bolder schemes to break up the colors. 
  8. Green and Grey-Neutral lovers that want to inject just a hint of color, this is the combination for you. Grey works with lots of different tones of green, but a very on-trend scheme is grey and sage green.
  9. Green and Purple- Botanical greens and jewel-toned emeralds look amazing with plum, and can be very charming, particularly in a smaller room where you want to make an impact and embrace coziness. Also if you want to slightly tone down the combination bring in some neutral tones like soft greys and whites
  10. Green and Wood- Wood really isn’t a color, but it makes sense since green is such a nature-inspired color to pair with other natural materials. You will find that almost any shade of green looks lovely when combined with wooden accents. 

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