Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There are many elements to interior design, some of which we naturally think about and others that we tend to forget. Sometimes you can be too close to a project to notice what is obvious to others. If you are a DIY decorator, here are some common interior design mistakes to avoid.

Poor Lighting

Lighting is key to any interior design project. Give some thought to both natural lighting and artificial lighting. Are you including enough light? Does your placement of lamps and other light fixtures highlight the space correctly? What mood does the type of bulb used create? Do you want the space to feel bright and modern or warm and cozy?

Lack of Color

Monochromatic designs can be quite boring, so it’s important to infuse some color. You need not go overboard if you prefer to keep it simple. Start by adding a single accent color to the room. You can balance it off with the use of different materials and patterns in your other decor elements.

Doing Too Much – Clutter

One of the biggest interior design mistakes to avoid is doing too much all at once. Too much furniture, too many wall fixtures, and overall clutter can create sensory overload. Instead, set a focal point in the room and then build everything else around it as complimentary features.

Matching Too Much

There’s normally a theme for every room, but this doesn’t mean that every single item in that room should match the theme. There is such a thing as matching too much! Modern interior design involves a balance between themed pieces and neutral or complimentary elements. A balance can create a cohesive yet interesting interior design.

Poor Placement

You may have all of the right pieces for your interior design but yet simply have it placed incorrectly, thus throwing off the entire room. This mistake is often made when hanging wall art. Placing the art too high makes the room feel odd. Placing it too low will make the room feel small. The key is to place is just right, which is usually mid-way between the top of your furniture and the top of the ceiling. Placement is also key for table-top pieces, lamps, rugs, and everything else in the room. If you’re not sure about placement, move the items and take a step back to see the difference. You may be surprised!

Summary of Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

The above are just a few common interior design mistakes to avoid. Designing a home on your own can be really fun and produce great results. Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll end up with an even better interior design that is beautiful and reflects to personal style.

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