Furniture Selection Tips

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be crucial to your home design plans. Your family may love watching movies together, so purchasing a sectional could make the most sense. You may be a bachelor who loves sports, so that perfect recliner will make Sunday football that much better. Even a pet or pets can come to mind when browsing catalogs or shopping through stores, because you know your dog will chew the legs right off that stylish table. We’ve put together these furniture selection tips to help you think through important considerations.

Size and Shape Appropriate For The Space 

We would all love a California king size bed, but there simply might not be space for it. Having enough walking and standing space in a room will prevent fire hazards, jammed toes and clutter from building up too quickly. When looking at a piece of furniture, try bringing room dimensions to better understand how everything will fit. This will give you a much better idea of what you are working with when you get to a store. An item’s shape can also be an issue when looking for the right fit. If you want the couch kitty cornered but there is no right angle, you may find yourself with an awkward situation on your hands. Even furniture with sharp edges have to be taken into account if you have children or are living with someone with a disability.

Fabrics Are a Design Element 

Leather, suede, linen, and silk,… the options go on and on. Your furniture should not only match the dimensions of your home but the theme you are going for. Choose a color that will be versatile and will match other features of the house. The fabric may also have printed or stitched designs on it, so selecting something that catches the eye but does not overwhelm the senses is also important. You may also want to consider the durability and stain resistance of the fabric, especially if you have pets or children.


Some furniture builders are extremely creative. There are ottomans that can unfold into eating platforms, sofas that turn into beds and tables that can extend from feeding 4 to 8 people with ease. If you are someone who often has guests, shopping for the right furniture may introduce you to some cool design concepts. Other reasons to own furniture that is adaptable could be the previously mentioned space requirements. Some individuals who live in a studio apartment choose a futon or sofa bed to save space and offer them the best of both worlds. By day they have a living room and by night a comfy place to sleep.

More Furniture Selection Tips

Lynne Greene Interiors can help you choose the best furniture options for your space. Stop by to speak with one of our design associates for additional furniture selection tips. If a standard design does not quite fit your needs, we can also create custom furniture pieces for you!

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