6 Decorating Mistakes Making Your Home Look Messy

Living room with corner sofa, colorful cushions and white coffee table
  1. Relying on Open Storage too much- Avoid open storage for electronics, cables, games, movies and toys
  2. Using too many Colors- Use one or two hues combined with neutral colors to give you home a polished and clean look.
  3. Adding too many Accent Pillows- 2 or 3 accent pillows on each end of the sofa are good amount to pull in color.
  4. Pushing Furniture Against Walls- Smaller furniture away from the walls in conversation groupings with area rugs will make for a cohesive arrangement
  5. Placing too much decor on tables- Only display what you love and what is functional. Group small objects in a jar or bowl. Elevate with books to give it a purposeful look.
  6. Hanging pictures randomly- Pictures hung aimlessly across a wall create a chaotic look that can overwhelm the space. A gallery wall arrangement or having balance is visually pleasing.

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