Window Blind Safety Tips

Every year, we hear about child injuries and deaths related to many household items. Window blinds are one that all parents should be aware as selecting the wrong type can be a danger to children in your home. Here are a few window blind safety tips to be aware of.

Why Blinds Are Dangerous

Blinds and other types of window treatments with cords or strings can strangulate children. You may wonder how that’s even possible. Kids love playing with strings, ribbons, cords, etc. They are simply fascinated by it. Most cords attached to blinds form a loop, or you may end up tying it into a loop. If the blinds are rolled up, that cord becomes longer. Children can get tangled up in it, resulting in the cord wrapping around their neck. As they struggle to get free, they may move the cord in a position that releases the blinds. The weight of the blinds falling causes the cord to shorten and pull upward, causing strangulation.

Basic Window Blind Safety Tips for Households

If you have children living in or visiting your home, you should think about window blind safety. Here are some things that you can do if you already have blinds installed.

  • Move cribs, chairs, or anything that children may climb on away from the windows.
  • Always lock the cords into position, regardless of whether blinds are raised or lowered.
  • Gather window cords and place them high above the reach of children.
  • Anchor cords to the wall or window frame.
  • Shorten cords, eliminating excess.
  • Don’t have children assist with raising or lowering blinds (as they may start to think fo it as a toy).

Child Safe Blinds

It takes merely seconds for children to get in trouble with window blind cords. If you have young children living in your home, the safest alternative is to install child safe blinds, which are those without any cords. There are actually quite a variety of styles and designs to choose from including roller shades, vertical blinds, and shutters. Visit our Burlington MA blinds showroom to see the options in person.

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