Inside Vs Outside Mount Blinds

Window blinds come in a variety of styles and colors. Among the options are whether to mount your blinds inside the window frame,… or outside of the frame. There are pros and cons to each option. Selecting between inside versus outside mount blinds depends on your type of window and other factors. Here are a few to consider.

Window Trim Style

There are two basic ways that windows are framed. The first is with trim. Wood pieces may frame your window area, which is very common in traditional Massachusetts homes. The other option is no frame at all. Some windows, particularly in apartment buildings or industrial spaces, may have simple drywall around the windows. If your windows have a pretty wood trim, you may want to mount blinds inside, so that the trim remains visible and nicely framed. In cases where there is no trim, mounting on the outside can help hide the simplicity of your windows and provide more coverage.

Depth of Window Frame

Another important factor when deciding between inside versus outside mount blinds is the depth of the window frame. The normal inset is just a few inches, which gives the flexibility to go with either option. However, in cases where you have a deep inset, you should mount them inside. Outside mounting in this case can look odd and also make your room appear smaller.

Curtain Plans

If you plan to layer window treatments and add curtains in front of the blinds, this can also alter your mounting strategy. You should only outside mount blinds when no curtains are planned. With curtains, choose insider mounting. This way, the brackets won’t interfere with one another. It also achieves a cleaner look since both the blinds and curtains will occupy separate spaces within the window area.

Blind Style

Some blinds offer more aesthetic appeal than others, so the style of blinds that you select is a factor in whether to inside or outside mount blinds. Simple accordion or honeycomb blinds are best placed inside of window frames. Alternatively, roman shades in pretty fabrics are better options for outside mounting.

More on Inside Versus Outside Mount Blinds

As you evaluate your many options between blinds or shades, and curtain combinations, it can be helpful to speak to a design consultant. At Lynne Greene Interiors, we manage all aspect of interior design. We can help you create combinations that achieve your desired look and function well for your space. Stop by our showroom in Burlington, MA for assistance.

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