Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Blinds from the Hardware Store

If you need new blinds, your first thought may be to walk into your local hardware store and purchase them off the rack. This could be a big mistake. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t purchase blinds from the hardware store.

Limited Selection

There are a ton of options nowadays for window blinds, from different styles to colors, materials, patterns, and more. If you’re grabbing the generic blinds from the hardware store shelf, you’re missing a big opportunity. Blinds are becoming an integral part of interior design and can really complete the look and feel of a room. Our design consultants are trained to help you explore the full range of options. To us, it’s about more than just blinds!

Cutting Mistakes

When you purchase off the rack, you have the option to use the hardware store’s machine to cut your blinds to size. Without experience, it’s easy to make mistakes here. Your cut angles may be uneven, leading to a poor fit or a sloppy look. Store employees may be able to assist, although they may not have much experience with these machines either. Most employees at hardware stores aren’t trained in any one specialty. Alternatively, when you purchase from a store dedicated to window blinds, the staff are specially trained to cut your blinds to size.

Measurement Issues

Beyond cutting mistakes, the measurements may be incorrect to begin with. When purchasing blinds from the hardware store, you are responsible for your own measurements. Unfortunately, it’s not as straight forward as it may seem. Blinds mount differently depending on their style and your desired outcome. Inaccurate measurements are one of the most common issues consumers encounter and stores might not accept returns for cut blinds. At Lynne Greene Interiors, our team performs the measurements for you, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Buying off-the-rack, generic blinds from the local hardware store may seem like a quick and easy solution. However, your window blinds may not look as great as they could,… or achieve your intended goals. If you’re going to invest in new window blinds, they should beautify your home and meet your specific needs. At Lynne Greene Interiors, we pride ourselves in offering quality products and exceptional service. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom to experience this first hand. You won’t be disappointed!

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