Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are the ultimate window treatment solution. There are many benefits of motorized blinds, which is why we are huge fans of them. Here are just a few of the key benefits.

Child & Pet Safety

Traditional blinds have long been dangerous for pets and children because of potential strangulation from the hanging cords. With motorized blinds, there is no such cord. All mechanisms are internal, making it safe for families with pets and children.


Not only can motorized blinds be controlled by a remote, they can actually be programmed on a schedule as well. You can set them to open and close automatically at certain times of day. If you like to sleep in on the weekend, you can program that too! They can even be scheduled to match sunrises and sunsets, adapting automatically as those times adjust through different seasons. With automation, you no longer need to think about your blinds on a daily basis. They’ll do what you want, when you want,… all on their own. How amazing is that?

Light Control

In addition to opening and closing, the slats on your blinds can tilt to allow in just the right amount of sunlight. You can change this throughout the day, as needed. Better yet, you can program it based on your schedule. With both automation and light control, your motorized blinds will create the perfect environment in your home.


Everything is online these days,.. and your blinds can be too! Through a smartphone app, you can program your blinds or make instant adjustments. Whether you’re home or at the office, you can access and adjust your blind settings from anywhere. Motorized blinds are the perfect addition to your smart home.

More Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds work well for just about any room in the home. They are particularly useful for out-of-reach windows or expansive window areas. At Lynne Greene Interiors of Burlington, MA, we carry a wide selection of motorized blinds. You can select from colors, patterns, and materials to meet your specific needs. Motorized blinds truly simplify your life,… and Lynne Greene Interiors can help simplify the process of selecting and installing your new motorized blinds. Stop by our showroom for assistance with your next window treatment purchase.

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