Benefits of Motorizing Your Shades or Blinds

Hunter Douglas PowerView Automation
PowerView® Motorization

Simplicity & Convenience

Convenience is the most obvious benefit of motorized shades can bring to your life. You can easily control shades in the hard-to-reach places. They will roll up and down in a perfectly while you are across the room. No more fussing with cords and climbing over furniture. You can use a remote or wall switch to operate your shades or blinds with ease. You can also have Alexa open and close your shades.

Automated Schedules

Your shade movement routine is most likely similar from day-to-day with maybe a slight alteration on the weekends. Hunter Douglas motorized shades allow you to preset your schedule based on days of the week and particular times. You can even have them rise and lower based on the sunset. Very cool!

Control shades from Outside of Your Home

The smart home trend is the way of the future. Wifi enabled systems and apps can control security systems, heating, and lighting. Think about how convenient adding your shades to that technology will be. An app can control individual shades or preset groups of shades easily from anywhere.

Safety Features

The dangers to children and pets from cords on shades and blinds has a long-time concern in the industry. Motorized shades without cords and are a safer alternative for families with small children and pets that enjoy the windowsill. Additionally, the lack of cords eliminates the potential the wear and tear of everyday operation.

If you’re looking to modernize your home and simplify your life with motorized shades, give us a call. We offer a wide range of designs and features to blend perfectly with your home décor.

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