8 Decor Entryway Ideas

  1. Add a console table with a catch all tray-Consoles help visually define your entryway while doubling as a functional piece of furniture that holds keys, purses, and other items you need to set down as you or guests walk inside.
  2. A Table Lamp-a console is a good spot for a table lamp and a clever way to infuse warm light and create a welcoming feeling.
  3. Add a stool or bench– Having a place to sit is very handy in a home’s front entrance. It offers a place to remove or put on shoes, and doubles as an area to set belongings as people come and go.
  4. Utilize Clever Storage Solutions- Along with a bench and console table, brainstorm additional ways to incorporate clever storage solutions into your entryway décor ideas.
  5. Hang a Mirror- It helps the area look brighter and bigger by reflecting the light. Its also a good spot to check how you look before heading out for the day.
  6. Introduce a Pop of Color- Select a paint color or wallpaper that you enjoy, as these elements will boost your mood and influence the overall aesthetic of your home
  7. Add a Bold Rug- Another way to incorporate some color or texture is with a rug. Also a nice spot to wipe your feet.
  8. Entryway is your first impression– The goal is to create a seamless transition from the entry to the main living space.

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