Halloween Home Decorating Tips

Halloween is such a fun time of year. Although there may be limited trick-or-treating taking place this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun in your own home. Here are some Halloween home decorating tips to help you celebrate.

1 – Select a Section of Your Home

When it comes to seasonal decor, it’s best to select one part of your home to decorate rather than your entire home. Let’s face it, an entire house themed for Halloween is a bit overwhelming,… not to mention expensive.

2 – Focus on One Color Scheme

Image Credit: Kohls via Pinterest

There are so many colors for Halloween,… black, white, orange, green, and red. Mixing too many colors can make it too busy on the eyes and lead to sensory overload. Rather than trying to use all of those colors, select a single color scheme. For instance, you might use black as a base color and orange for accents. Another example is to use mostly black and white with just a little orange or green sparingly. Remember that the accent color stands out more against a neutral base. Here’s an image that we found on Pinterest of a simple color scheme.

3 – Replace, Don’t Add

Your home already has some beautiful decor with a certain theme. Layering of different items makes a space look overly busy and the theme a bit confusing. Before adding Halloween decorations, remove other items. Giving your Halloween decor a blank pallet to start will also make it easier to decorate! Even a few simple additions can have a big impact.

4 – DIY

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home for Halloween. Use your creativity instead! For instance, here’s one that we love for a front door. All you need are some streamers, paper plates, and tape to put a monster on your door. Click here for some dollar store Halloween decoration hacks.

More Halloween Home Decorating Tips

Image credit: Hargrove.com

The key to any interior decorating project is,… don’t go overboard! It can be tempting to fill an entire wall with webs, bats, pumpkins, trees, and anything else you can think of. If you have a ton of items jam packed into a small space, it can be difficult to appreciate them. Instead, spread them out a bit more. Think about backdrops and focal points. Sometimes the simplest decorations can go a long way. Take this simple approach for instance. It’s still fun and impactful, without being overwhelming. Browse websites like Pinterest and Instagram for additional Halloween decorating tips and ideas. We wish you and your family a happy and safe Halloween!

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