5 Easy Home Improvement Projects

One step into the hardware store and you quickly realize that everyone must be working on home improvement projects these days. With so many people staying home and practicing social distancing, there’s a greater focus on the comforts of home. If you’re looking to tackle some projects before cold weather sets in, here are a few easy home improvement projects to consider.

1 – Painting

Painting is one of the least expensive yet most impactful home improvement projects. A fresh coat of paint can make your room feel more modern and spacious. Go with light and soothing colors whenever possible. If you enjoy dramatic colors, consider an accent wall instead of painting everything dark. Lastly, don’t forget to give the trim and moulding a little love too!

2 – Clean Carpets

Carpet cleaning is another project where a little work can go a long way. With a deep cleaning, your carpets can look and smell like new. You can either hire professionals or do-it-yourself. Machines are available for rent at major hardware chains.

3 – Add More Storage

Let’s face it,… you can never have enough storage. Finding the right storage solutions can reduce clutter and ultimately make your home feel more spacious. The key is find add storage without taking up space. This requires a little creativity. For example, an ottoman with a built-in compartment can be ideal. When adding shelves to bedrooms or offices, consider placing them higher up in the wall so that other furniture pieces can be placed below them. Another idea is to make use of dead space in corners.

4 – Focus on Organization

Whether you are adding new storage space or trying to make the most of existing storage, organization is the key. This can involve adding extra shelves to existing closets or using baskets and other organizational tools. How you use your space is just as important as how much space you have!

5 – Add or Update Lighting

We’ll be turning the clocks back in just a few short weeks. As the days get shorter and we spend more time indoors, interior lighting becomes more important. Is the lighting in your home too dim for work-from-home or remote learning? Would certain spaces feel cozier with different types of lighting. Could a simply change of light bulbs reduce your electricity cost and provide better quality lighting? Changing your lighting can help change the comfort and feel of your home.

Summary of Easy Home Improvement Projects

As you can see from our list of 5 easy home improvement projects, you need not spend a lot to improve your home. From a quick coat of paint to improved lighting or added storage, there are small projects that make a big difference. Best of all, these changes won’t break the bank!

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