Tips on Decorating a Fireplace Mantle

Tips on Decorating a Fireplace Mantle

As temperatures start to cool, the fireplace will become the focal point of a room again. Mantles can be really fun to decorate and can easily adapt to different seasons. If you’re thinking of giving your fireplace a refresh, here are some tips on decorating a fireplace mantle.

1 – Start With a Piece of Art

With such a large and expansive space, you’ll need a large decorative element to start. This can be a painting, portrait, wreath, or other work of art. Although the fireplace itself may already be a focal point, the space above it needs its own prominent element. The item you select can be placed on the shelf or even hung on the wall.

2 – Add Accessories

Now work your way from the center outward. Add accessories directly on the mantle that complement the center piece without being overwhelming. Avoid mirror images on the left and right side of your mantle. It’s much more interesting to make each side unique while still providing some sense of balance. In the banner image above, the left contains a lantern and pot while the right includes a clock and cotton flowers. There’s a common theme among the items and balance on each side without mirroring.

3 – Use More Than One Color

Another of our tips on decorating a fireplace mantle is to select more than one color for your decor. Imagine a mantle where everything above it is stark white. The items would likely blur together. Always use more than one color in your color scheme. For instance, you can have white and wood tones, such as the banner image above.

4 – Change Your Mantle with the Seasons

Unlike other areas of your home that might remain static year-round, a fireplace mantle can easily change with the seasons. During fall, consider adding fall themed items and colors. During winter, include holiday-themed items that compliment the colors of your Christmas tree. Even swapping out just the accessories once in awhile can give your fireplace mantle a fresh look.

Other Tips on Decorating a Fireplace Mantle

Here are some final tips on decorating a fireplace mantle. Find the right balance of items to place on your mantle. Too little and your mantle will look bare, but too much and it will be overwhelming. Also, make sure your selections are fire safe! Avoid items that hang dangerously low to the heat or that are made of combustible materials as this will create a fire hazard. Be creative and have fun decorating your fireplace mantle.

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