5 Popular Interior Design Patterns

Selecting a motif is one of the basic starting points for your interior design. Design trends seem to fluctuate between solids to patterns,… and we’re in the patterns cycle again, which offers many options. Here area a few popular interior design patterns to consider.

1 – Modern Tribal

Tribal patterns are back, but with a modern twist. Modern patterns are simpler, and bigger (rather than small, repeating patterns). Also, you can choose from fewer colors within a pattern, making them more neutral and adaptable.

2 – Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes allow you to create a modern or contemporary motif. You’re probably thinking circles and squares, but it goes far beyond that nowadays. Combined with different colors, they can be simple or bold,… and a lot of fun! The variations are truly endless, making them very popular interior design patterns.

3 – Abstract

If you love artistic expressions, then you’ll probably lean towards abstract designs. From wavy lines to brush strokes and radial patterns, going abstract can make your interior design both fun and unique.

4 – Traditional

Classic styles and patterns are back! Massachusetts is filled with colonial style homes, so traditional patterns are very fitting. From floral to oriental, traditional patterns can provide subtle balance to otherwise simple interiors.

Mix and Matching Popular Interior Design Patterns

If you have difficulty bringing together interior design patterns within your flooring, furniture, wall, and window treatment selections, we can help. Our design team can help you create a look with all the right elements to fit your personality and achieve your design goals. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom for assistance.

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