Window Measuring Tips – How to Get the Perfect Fit for Window Treatments

The best window treatments are ones that fit your precise windows. Measuring your windows is therefore a critical step in achieving the perfect fit. Before shopping for window treatments, here are some window measuring tips to get you started.

1 – Know What You Need to Measure

There’s more than one way to measure a window. Before taking any measurements, you’ll need to have some idea on how window treatments will be mounted. For blinds, will you inside or outside mount? For curtains, where will you mount the rods relative to the windows? Decide on an option, and then measure.

2 – Measure Interior Window Space

For inside mounted window treatments, you will need to measure the space within the window frame. One of the most important window measurement tips is to take 3 measurements in each direction. This may seem silly, but windows are not always evenly spaced!

Horizontally, measure the top, middle and bottom area of the window. The shortest number is the one you’ll go with since the blinds will need roll up and down the space without getting stuck. For vertical measurements, measure the left, middle, and right. You’ll probably want to use the longest measurement since a little extra blind or shade length is better than it being too short. Take a quick measurement of the depth of the window opening as well.

3. Measure Entire Window Space

For outside mounted blinds, you will need to cover the entire window space. As before, take 3 measurements in each direction, but this time, measure the entire window frame. You’ll want the largest vertical and horizontal figure. For windows without frames, measure the entire opening of the window space. Depending on the style of window treatment, you won’t necessarily purchase for these exact measurements. In many cases, there will be an overhang. By providing window measurements, your blinds company can help determine the appropriate window treatment size.

4 – The Final of Our Window Measuring Tips,… Get Expert Help

If you have any hesitation about whether you have the correct measurements or are measuring properly for the type of window treatment, defer to the experts. Companies are not responsible for wrong sizes if you completed your own measurements. You can actually have an installer measure and order window treatments for you, to guarantee the correct fit. Stop by Lynne Greene Interiors in Burlington, MA to learn more about window treatment options and for assistance with measuring and installation.

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