3 Window Treatment Features You May Have Missed!

Window treatments are a must for every home. If you’re accustomed to walking into the store and buying the plain old traditional blinds or shades, you may be missing out. Window treatments can do so much more these days. Here are few window treatment features you may not have thought of!

1- Added Insulation

Wouldn’t it be nice if your window treatments could help keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer? Well, they actually do! Energy saving window treatment features have been on the market for awhile now. From honeycomb blinds that create an air pocket between the window and the room air to heavy insulating curtains, you have many options to choose from.

2- Motorization

Another modern window treatment feature is motorization. Think about your daily routine. In the morning, you walk around your home, lifting the blinds and shades to let in the sunlight. In the evenings, you roll them all back down for privacy. If you’d rather spend your days without this added task, then motorized shades and blinds are the way to go! Control your window treatments with a remote or set them on an automated schedule. It’s the ultimate window treatment solution.

3- UV Protection

The furniture, area rugs, and other upholstery in your home is probably quite expensive. Some of it might even be priceless, having been passed down through generations. One of the most damaging elements for furniture is sun exposure. Fortunately, there’s actually something that you can do about that. Did you know that window treatments can provide UV protection? This is good for the health of both your furniture and your family! It’s becoming one of the most important window treatment features to consider.

More Window Treatment Features

These are just a few window treatment features you might not have been aware of. For the latest window treatment options and technologies, stop by the Burlington MA showroom for Lynne Greene Interiors. We have a wide range of window treatment options for you to consider.

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