Why Get Window Treatments with UV Protection?

You may think about UV protection in items like bathing suits and sunglasses,… but UV protection in window treatments? It sounds unnecessary, doesn’t it? There are actually many good reasons to consider window treatments with UV protection. Here’s a closer look at this topic and some options available.

Why UV Protection is Important

UV protection is great for both you and your belongings. You put on sunscreen before you go outside to protect yourself from damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun. When you think about it, aren’t you exposed to the sun inside of your home as well? Yet, we rarely think about sunscreen while indoors. Window treatments with UV protection can filter out 75% to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Your furnishings will also benefit from UV protection. Flooring, wood furniture, curtains, and other items throughout your home can fade and degrade over time from sun exposure. Window treatments with UV protection can prolong the life of those products by filtering UV light.

Examples of Window Treatments with UV Protection

There are actually quite a few window treatment options that provide different levels of UV filtering. HunterDouglas, for example, offers everything from adjustable sheers to roman shades, woven wood, wooden shutters, vertical blinds, pleated shades, and metal blinds. You probably didn’t realize there were so many options to choose from!

Selecting the Right Window Treatments

As with any window treatment selection, you must consider both functionality and visual appeal. Take into account the overall decor of each room in your home before selecting a UV protection window treatment to install. You may end up going with several different options to meet the needs of individual rooms. Stop by our Burlington, MA showroom to see these options in person and to speak to an interior design consultant. We look forward to assisting you!

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