Benefits of Performance Fabrics for Window Treatments

Have you heard of performance fabrics? Originally designed for outdoor furnishings to withstand weather conditions and sun exposure, they are now popular for indoor window treatments.  Here’s a closer look at the benefits offered by performance fabrics for window treatments.

Less Fading

Performance fabrics are dyed a bit differently than normal fabrics. Instead of just being dyed on the surface, they are saturated with dye. This makes them less likely to fade with sun exposure. If you have windows in your home that receive a lot of sunlight, you know first hand how the color of your window treatments can fade over time. Performance fabrics are ideal and keep your window treatments looking bright and crisp for a longer.

Stain & Water Resistance

Performance fabrics are made from a material that is less absorbent. By repelling water, they are less likely to stain and easier to clean. If you have kids or pets, this can really come in handy in protecting against incidental splashes of food and dirt. It is also great for bathrooms where shower steam can cause normal fabrics to get musty and/or moldy.

Easy Maintenance

Performance fabrics are super easy to clean and maintain. Given the properties of the material, you will clean them less often than normal window treatments. In many cases, a quick wipe will do the trick. Compare this to hand washing, dry cleaning, or professional cleaning services that may be required by traditional window treatments.

Additional Benefits of Performance Fabrics for Window Treatments

Performance fabrics for window treatments are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and translucency. Thus, they can adapt to your unique needs. With its resiliency and ease of cleaning, you will also save time and money. Stop by our Burlington, MA interior design showroom to learn more about performance fabrics!

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