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Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

window treatments for sliding doors

Finding the right treatment for you sliding doors is not always easy. Often insulation and privacy are concerns, but also thinking about traffic in and out of the door is also something to think about. Fortunately, there are a few window treatment options to think about. Here are some options for window treatments for sliding doors.

1 – Wood Shutters

Wood shutters provide functionality and decor to your home. They give a very New England/Cape Cod feel. Sliding door shutters have tracks in front of the doors, which allows you to use them whether your sliders are open or shut. The tilted slats are easy to clean and very durable, but also control the amount of sunlight entering the room and provide privacy.

2 – Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds is one of the most common treatments used on sliders. Vertical blinds can stack to one side, since most sliding doors open to one side it has a small stack that is out of the way when they are open. The vertical slats can be angled to keep the direct sunlight out and help cool off the house but can still have a view outside.

3 – Track Blinds

Track blinds are fabric or screen panels placed on sliding tracks. The large selection of fabrics, color and patterns help compliment any design scheme. The panels stack onto of each other in front or in back depending on what the project calls for. They have a modern look and can help with light filtering or blackout depending on what is needed.

4 – Curtains

Curtains provide the most decorative and a soft look to your space. They do require extra space to the left and right of your slider doors. Pull the curtains closed for privacy or to block sunlight and off to the side to let the light in. Even more so than the track blinds you can use any curtain pattern, color, or material. They can also coordinate with other design elements in the room , such as window treatments, pillows, furniture, etc.

5- Luminette

The Hunter Douglas Luminette is a great vertical treatment option. It provides the vertical functionality of vertical blinds, but also has a sheer material in between the slats to allow for UV protection without having to close the panels off completely. It coordinates with the Hunter Douglas silhouettes for a nice cohesive look.

Other Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Picking the right option for your sliding door can be overwhelming, but Lynne Greene Interiors has many options to work with all budgets and spaces. The option that works best will depend on the functionality needed and the amount of space/clearance around your sliding doors. For additional ideas and suggestions on window treatments for sliding doors, stop by our Burlington, MA showroom.

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