Energy Saving Benefits of Window Treatments

Energy Saving Benefits of Window Treatments Burlington MA

Winter is coming! If you are concerned about rising heating costs and are looking for solutions, consider the energy saving benefits of window treatments. Whether you have newer or older windows, window treatments can provide added benefits that can save you money over the winter months.

Different Sources of Energy Loss through Windows

Windows cause your home to lose energy through radiation, convection, conduction, and air leakage. Radiation is the process of cold air passing through window panes. Convection is when air heats up or cools down from one side of the window pane to the other. Conduction and air leakage occur along the edges of the windows along the frame and connection point. All of these can increase your home’s heating expenses.

Energy Saving Benefits of Window Treatments

Window treatment manufacturers have created designs to specifically counteract energy loss through windows. Hunter Douglas, for example, offers several different honeycomb designs. The Duette Architella and Duette Trielle traps air inside the cells and creates a barrier between your window and inside air. The Duette Trielle and IllumiCell provides light transmission for added efficiency.

These products address heat loss by improving insulation and offering solar heat control. When installed properly, they can minimize radiation, convection, conduction, and even air leakage. Hunter Douglas shades are able to reduce heat flow through the window by 40-60%. This will naturally result in lower heating costs during winter and cooling costs during summer.

Proper Installation is Key

You can only take advantage of the energy saving benefits of window treatments if you select the right products AND they are installed properly. Lynne Greene Interiors has been assisting homeowners with window treatment solutions for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of products and top-notch professional installation services. Visit our showroom at 135 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803 or call us at 781-221-8422 for more information on energy saving window treatments and other home design solutions.

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