How Should Your Window Treatment Open?

If you’re in the market for window fashions, you already know that you have a lot of decisions to make, from the style and look of your treatment to its functionality. But have you considered how your window treatment should work? At Lynne Greene Interiors here in Burlington, our trained professionals will help you determine the way your window fashion should open, so that you get the best function from it that you can. Speak with one of our representatives today!

Your Operating Options

Vignette Modern Roman Shades with Top-Down/Bottom-up Feature

Traditional window coverings operate from the bottom up, which allows natural light in from the bottom while maintaining full privacy on top. But did you know that many types of window treatments can open in other ways? There is also top-down operation, which allows light to come in from the top while maintaining privacy on the bottom. And there’s top-down/bottom-up operating, which lets you lower and raise the top and the bottom independently or at the same time. Choosing the right option depends on the location of your windows. Top-down is a great solution for ground-floor, street-side window so that you can have natural light and maintain privacy from passersby. The top-down/bottom-up feature is a great choice when you want the best of both worlds—it’s great for any room in your home.

Lift Systems for Your Window Treatments

PowerView® Motorization

Each of the following Hunter Douglas lift systems offers the best in child and pet safety and provides a clean look at the window:

  • UltraGlide®—a retractable cord system that lets you raise and lower your shades with no ugly, dangling external cords
  • LiteRise®—a cordless system that lets you gently raise and lower your shades with your hand
  • PowerView® motorization—a wireless operating system that can be used with a PowerView® Pebble® remote or with your mobile device or tablet

Choosing Operating Systems in the Burlington and Arlington MA Area

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