Tips for Home Office Window Treatments

With the advancement of technology, working from home is growing in popularity (and more businesses are warming up to the concept). The key to an effective work-from-home arrangement is creating a dedicated space that is both comfortable and functional as a home office. Your home office window treatments can play a big role in achieving that goal. Here are a few tips for home office window treatments.

Sound Muffling

Sounds in and around a home can be different than that in an office. Muffling exterior noises can help create a more appropriate space to focus on work and/or make phone calls. Outside noises easily enter through your window glass panes, so it’s one of the easiest ways to muffle sound. Heavy curtains, roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades and fusion shades all have sound reduction ability.

Light Filtering

If you’re working from home, you’re likely sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day. Sunlight can make it difficult to see your screen and/or damage computer equipment. Therefore, you may want to consider light filtering or light blocking home office window treatments.

Different degrees of light filtering are available in window treatments. Roller and cellular shades are very popular light filtering solutions. Think about what type of flexibility you may need in your home office window treatments. Do you get direct or indirect sunlight? Do you need to filter or block the light continuously or only at certain times of day? How should your window treatments fit in with the rest of your room decor? And how should your office decor fit with the decor throughout the rest of the home? These are all important considerations.

More Home Office Window Treatment Tips

For assistance with your home office window treatments, stop by our Burlington, MA window treatments showroom. Our design experts can review your specific needs and goals to develop a plan that works for you.

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